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  1. OPSYS events during the Cooperation Days (5-9 March 2018)

    The following OPSYS activities will take place during the Cooperation Days: An OPSYS stand operating on the 5th of March (the whole day) to answer enquiries, provide demos and collect feedback Working Group on "OPSYS: the way forward" will take place on 9 th of March from 9.00 am to 11.00 am in...
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  2. Testing results and monitoring with NGOs and consulting companies

    The Project Steering Committee for OPSYS Track 1 (Results and Monitoring), chaired by Pierre Amilhat, held a meeting on 14 December 2017 where it approved the launch of a test phase in February with a restricted number of implementing partners selected by pilot EUDs and HQ units. Each pilot EUD and...
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  3. First quarter 2018 – OPSYS key activities

    OPSYS second testing phase: involvement of implementing partners (IPs) In February 2018 a second testing phase involving implementing partners will be launched. The objective is to test the functionalities available for Results & Monitoring with a limited number of implementing partners . The...
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