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First quarter 2018 – OPSYS key activities

OPSYS second testing phase: involvement of implementing partners (IPs)

In February 2018 a second testing phase involving implementing partners will be launched.

The objective is to test the functionalities available for Results & Monitoring with a limited number of implementing partners. The testing phase will focus, in a first step, on action grants in direct management and service contracts. Pilot EUDs and HQ units will be asked to propose a limited number of implementing partners that will be given access to the system (4-5 NGOs and consulting companies for each pilot EUD, adding up to approx. 50 testers).

The test phase is scheduled as follows:

January 2018

Identification of implementing partners by pilot EUDs and HQ units

February 2018

Webinar to present OPSYS and launch the test phase with IPs, Pilot UDs and HQ units


End of  the test phase.

March 1-2



Presentation of the first outcomes during the workshop with Pilot EUDs and HQ units

Webinar to present the feedback from the test phase to IPs and colleagues

Opsys common terminology for DEVCO, NEAR and FPI

The terminology used in OPSYS should become available to users by the end of March 2018.

Gap analysis MIS (Management Information System) / OPSYS

A gap analysis of data related to results as developed in MIS used by IPA II (2014-2020) delegations will be performed by the end of January 2018. The gap analysis is meant to facilitate the transfer of results data from MIS to OPSYS.

Logframe data migration

The migration of the logframes for ongoing Projects/Programmes of the current MFF 2014-2020 has started. Priority has been given to pilot EUDs and HQ units in view of the pilot phase in production foreseen for Q2 2018.

Indicative next steps for pilot EUDs and HQ units:

January – February 2018

Collection of logframes in collaboration with OMs when not available in CRIS


Structuring of programmes and projects and related logframes in collaboration with OMs


Transfer of the logframes in OPSYS for on-going projects and programmes

Workshop with users on contracting procedures (9 February 2018)

A workshop to analyse the 60 contracting procedures used in the Relex family will be held in Brussels on 9 February with members of the Domain User Group (Track 2) and senior users. Preparatory meetings started in late November. The aim of the workshop is a categorisation and shared understanding of the (families of) contracting procedures and an estimate of the workload and timetable ahead in view of their gradual inclusion in OPSYS.

E-learning modules

A sample of E-learning modules covering both Results and monitoring and the Framework contract - Services for Implementation of External Aid will be available on February 2018.

They will be produced in  French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. They will be tested step by step during the period January-March 2018.

The first elearning module covering "how to create a LogFrame is available on THIS LINK

Workshop with pilot EUDs and HQ units (1-2 March 2018)

This 2-day workshop across tracks with OMs and FCA officers, organised back-to-back with the Cooperation Days, is now confirmed. The invitation and agenda will follow in January.

OPSYS events during the Cooperation Days (5-9 March 2018)

The following OPSYS activities are planned for the Cooperation Days:

  • Working Group on "OPSYS: the way forward" (TBC)
  • An OPSYS stand operating during the entire period to answer enquiries, provide demos and collect feedback

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