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This project aims to to contribute to the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger of poor rural people in Balaka District, by contributing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and World Summit on Sustainable Development targets on energy.

 Improved Cook Stoves in Rural Malawi 2012 Report

Specifically the action aims to bring about in Traditional Authority (TA) Msamala improved, sustainable access to and use of fuel-wood energy, for the 180 370 people (61% of district populations) in poor subsistence farmers households living in 321 communities, and access to solar lighting impacting on about 5,000 students and 50 teachers. TA Msamala was selected because of an increasing number of unsustainable businesses based on extraction of energy and natural resources. The action will achieve its objectives using an intensive community empowerment approach, and is multi-sectoral in approach, facilitating links among stakeholders in communities, the district and nationally.

CRIS contract number: 2007/196-002

Sector: Energy policy and administrative management

Duration: August 2012 – February 2014

EU Contribution: € 1,805,339.00 (100% of total)

Implementing organisation: Concern Universal

Final Beneficiaries: Total direct beneficiaries of the project are 39,000, out of which 18,500 of micro hydropower intervention, 8,400 of biogas intervention, 100 people of capacity building at Region/Woreda level and 12,000 people of promotion activities. The indirect beneficiaries are 138,000 people, corresponding to the population living in the target communities

Country: Malawi

Location: Msamala, Balaka District

Target groups:

Rural communities of the target area. Direct benefits are primarily for women and children as well as for families and local economy. Specifically, target communities are out of the current plan of national grid extension for the next years.


Overall objectives:

To contribute to the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger of poor rural people in the Balaka District in Malawi.

Specific objectives:

Improved sustainable access to and use of energy in TA Msamala.

  • to improve the access to energy services of 26,900 rural people, particularly the un-served population living in scattered settlements, villages or rural towns;
  • to promote knowledge on renewable energy and reinforce in the target area the institutional capacity at Regional/Woreda, SMEs and community level in planning, developing and managing energy-related interventions.

Expected Results

  1. Increased community and district government capacity to manage energy resources
  2. Increased adoption of energy-efficient technologies by households and community institutions
  3. Increased variety of sustainable and economically viable businesses
  4. Increased collaboration between institutions and communities on energy issues.

Main activities of the project

Facilitate: Reflect literacy circles and Reflect village meeting structures; train communities in leadership skills, sustainable environmental and energy resource management, gender, human rights and HIV/AIDS; establish community and institution multi-purpose tree nurseries; develop community by-laws; raise awareness about sustainable environment and energy management; district energy management framework; strategic support to district departments; awareness raising on appropriate energy efficient technologies; train in production and use of energy saving technologies; selection of strategic schools with the district for solar lighting; participatory business needs assessment with unsustainable businesses; identify and train men and women in sustainable enterprises; linking business enterprises to financial lending institutions; energy clubs at schools and linkages to external support; collaborate with key stakeholders in the district, including developing a civil society network, private sector.

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