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UNFPA: Post 2015 development agenda online dialogues on CULTURE AND DEVELOPMENT

The UNFPA, along with UNESCO and UNDP, is co-leading the Culture and Development consultation, one of six dialogues on implementation of the evolving Post-2015 development agenda which will follow the MDGs (Millenium Development Goals).

Med Culture's official website is now online! Discover a wide set of databases, resources, news, info-graphics, etc. - on - You can also follow up on latest updates via Med Culture social media channels. This group will continue to be used for collaborative purposes (gathering views and ideas, exchanging lessons…) and for the main material of the programme that we would like to keep on the long term. Thank you for your understanding.

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It is a second phase of consultations, following the global, national and online thematic consultations held in 2012-13. 

On themes of how culture relates to development, the organiser are hosting e-discussions and putting out a call for papers on best practices (links below). Themes range from poverty reduction to gender equality, urbanization and climate change, and reconciliation. 

UNFPA warmly invite you, your colleagues and partners to participate. Also, to kindly ensure a wider dissemination among your networksThe e-discussions and papers will feed into the Secretary General's final reports. 

The deadline is 15 July 2014.

Call for papers on best practices:

Culture in the Post-2015 Agenda

Culture and Poverty Reduction

Culture and Education

Culture, gender equality and women’s empowerment

Culture, sustainable cities and urbanization

Culture, the environment and climate change

Culture, inclusion and reconciliation

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