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Press Release- Cultural policy in Lebanon; what hasn't been achieved yet

Med Culture: Think Culture, Think Growth!

Despite the challenging national and regional political contexts, Lebanon has managed throughout the years to maintain a resilient and rather an “avant-gardist” approach to Culture compared with other countries in the region.

Med Culture's official website is now online! Discover a wide set of databases, resources, news, info-graphics, etc. - on - You can also follow up on latest updates via Med Culture social media channels. This group will continue to be used for collaborative purposes (gathering views and ideas, exchanging lessons…) and for the main material of the programme that we would like to keep on the long term. Thank you for your understanding.

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Culture is widely regarded as an essential part of Lebanese life and is therefore able to attract audiences and funding from private and non-profit organisations.

Lebanon  has been an active player in EU-funded regional programmes such as Euromed Audiovusal, Euromed Heritage, CBC Med, etc. and has benefited from funding of cultural activities at bi-lateral level as well.

A new EU programme, Med Culture, held two consultation meetings with a wide spectrum of Lebanese cultural practitioners on May 6 in the premises of L'Ecole supérieure des Affaires (ESA), as well as with representatives of Lebanese line ministries on May 7 at the Delegation of the European Union  to Lebanon.

The main objective of these consultations was to jointly identify priority areas, and choreograph corresponding action plans to be implemented in partnership with the Med Culture programme throughout the 4 years of the programme’s life span.

Med Culture is a regional EU-funded programme that kicked off last February with the aim to help pave the way towards the creation of institutional & social environments that will eventually validate culture as vector for freedom of expression and sustainable development.   

As part of its regional mandate, the programme will also seek to develop activities & mechanisms that shall enhance networking and donor coordination in matter of Culture in the region. 

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