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Leon Hemkemeyer uploaded a new Document 3 July 2019

This two-pager gives an overview of how the European Partnership for Democracy, a Brussels-based network of European democracy support organisations, proposes to strengthen the link between budget support provision and support to democratic institutions in a given country.

From9 April 2015
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Organised byInternational Budget Partnership

Budgets, service delivery and PFM are all deeply relevant to the lives of
everyday citizens and can be the impetus for hard-hitting stories in the

Aimed at both civil society practitioners and journalists, this online
webinar will explore what makes a good budget story. 

Capacity4dev Team uploaded a new Document 28 January 2015

This document explains the Statement of Government Financial Operations (GFO), as used by the IMF to make macroeconomic projections in a country.

Ryan Flynn posted Information 16 October 2013

Sign-up to the 2013 CAPE Conference, which will look at how budgets actually work in the real world and explore the latest thinking on how they can deliver better development outcomes.  Bringing together a dist

Dorota Panczyk-Piqueray posted Information 22 February 2013

The final version of the Good Practice Note on Sequencing Public Finance Management (PFM) Reforms together with the accompanying background papers is now available.

Stefan Leiderer uploaded a new Document 16 August 2012

The ‘right’ choice of instruments and modalities to provide aid to developing countries in support of poverty reduction and economic development is arguably the most contested issue in the current international debate on aid effectiveness. A particular

Martin Aldcroft uploaded a new Document 26 October 2011

Donors have always understood the importance of effective government audit to strengthen public expenditure.

Xavier Le Mounier uploaded a new Document 29 August 2011

Working Paper from the IMF (Arvind Virmani) examining the principles on which a reform of a quota-based global economic institution like the IMF must be based.

Xavier Le Mounier uploaded a new Document 2 August 2011

Nowadays it is estimated that 2/3 of business transactions worldwide take place within multinational enterprises. This is not without posing challenges when considering how these transactions are costed and subsequently taxed.

Xavier Le Mounier uploaded a new Document 9 February 2011

Policy Steering: The roll and use of performance measurement indicators (ENGLISH). This document was prepared by consultants Pascal Delorme and Olivier Chatelain under the ADM programme and funded by the European Commission. Published: 2011.