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Gabriel Dayre posted Information 19 May 2016

This new group explores the lessons-learned from capacity-building on PFM in South Sudan, including findings from the EU Technical Assistance for Sub-national Capacity Building in Payroll and PFM (EUTAPP). - See more at: 

20 February 2015 to 26 February 2015
in (XX)

Here Shanta's introduction to the conversation:

 "Since the purpose of good public financial management is to improve the
effectiveness of government, the discussion will focus at the other end,
namely the delivery of public services and ask, how--if at all--PFM can
improve their outcomes. First, I will question whether the activities that
governments actually spend on are those that they should spend on. Using a
simple, welfare-economics framework, I will show that most items in the
government budget do not pass the test. In this context, strengthening PFM is
like making the trains run the wrong station. Next, I will show
that, even those government interventions that meet the welfare test often
fail to deliver what they are supposed to because of (i) poor incentives in
the service delivery system; and (ii) capture of public funds by political
elites. In these cases, better PFM can help only if they change incentives in
the same direction as is necessary to improve service delivery. Specifically,
better monitoring of public expenditures can help if the information is
shared with people who can influence decisions about service delivery. If it
is shared with other government entities, it may increase their power over
service beneficiaries and reinforce elite capture. Finally, better PFM for
aid projects in an otherwise dysfunctional system rarely helps outcomes and
may make matters worse, by increasing government's accountability to donors
as opposed to its own citizens."

Come on line at
[1] and be part of the discussion.

Best, Mauro Napodano, PFM Board Founder.


Capacity4dev Team created a new WIKI page 23 May 2014

This section offers a list of training courses and materials that form part of the European Commission's EuropeAid Unit on Budget Support and Public Finance Management.

Ramon Vila posted Information 21 February 2014


Ryan Flynn posted Information 16 October 2013

Sign-up to the 2013 CAPE Conference, which will look at how budgets actually work in the real world and explore the latest thinking on how they can deliver better development outcomes.  Bringing together a dist

26 August 2013 to 30 August 2013
in Oxford (United Kingdom)
Organised byFISCUS

Key-note speakers: Andrew Lawson & Matt Andrews

Gonzalo Contreras uploaded a new Document 11 June 2013
Capacity4dev Team posted Information 10 April 2013

Following the publication of a Voices&Views on PEFA, please find below some additional videos for those who are seeking more information.

From13 December 2012
in 1000 Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byECDPM, Donor Committee on Enterprise Development (DECD), TraidCraft, BUSINESSEUROPE


*“Private Sector for Development: Measuring Impact”*

*Thursday 13th December 2012*

*09:45 – 16:30, *BUSINESSEUROPE, Av. De Cortenbergh 168, 1000 Brussels,
Belgium [3]

* *

* *

 *You are cordially invited to participate in an open event on "Private
Sector for Development: Measuring Impact". *

*This event is open but requires registration by 6 December. *


*Please send a mail to with "PSD Impact" in the subject heading to Mieke
van der Leegte: [4] *


*For more information please visit the event page which we will soon update
with background documents and information on
speakers: [5].*