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online interview with Frans Ronsholt, Head of PEFA Secretariat


The PFM Board , , is honoured to start up its online interviews with leading PFM practitioners by having a chat with Frans Ronsholt, Head of PEFA Secretariat.

I met Frans twice during his regular PEFA presentation rounds and I was always inspired by his dedication to perfecting this assessment tool. PEFA  has helped us practitioners in our assessment works of public finances, while in the process enhancing our dialogue with MoF partners in developing and transition countries.

You have the possibility to pose a question to Frans by making a post (REPLY button) to this topic at Conversation with Frans Ronsholt, Head of PEFA Secretariat  . The time allotted for questions is  Monday 1st to Sunday 7th November 2010. After this period the interview will be closed and remain in the archive for future reference. (pls. note that you need to register to the site to pose a question, but you are free to read the interview as guest)

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online interview at (United States)

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