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  1. DEMFAS Annual report

    Here you can find the Debt Management and Financial Analysis System Programme (DEMFAS) annual report : https://unctad.org/dmfas/system/files/client-area/ann_rep2021en_corr.pdf This annual report describes the activities, achievements and financial situation of the DMFAS Programme of the United...
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  2. Commodity Markets: Evolution, Challenges, and Policies

    Here you can find the publication of Worldbank regarding the Commodity Markets (evolution, challenges, and policies) : https://www.worldbank.org/en/research/publication/commodity-markets Commodity markets are integral to the global economy. Understanding what drives developments of these markets is...
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  3. ECB staff macroeconomic projections for the euro area, March 2022

    You will find here https://www.ecb.europa.eu/pub/projections/html/ecb.projections202203_ecb... , the ECB staff macroeconomic projections for the euro area, March 2022. The outlook for euro area activity and inflation has become very uncertain and depends crucially on how the Russian war in Ukraine...
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  4. Food security implications of the Ukraine conflict

    the link https://www.wfp.org/publications/food-security-implications-ukraine-conf... , will allow you to access to an article about the Food security implications of the Ukraine conflict, in abridged or full version. The conflict in Ukraine has plunged global food and energy markets into turmoil,...
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  5. The IMF Strategy for Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

    The IMF published his strategy for fragile and conflict-affected states here: https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/Policy-Papers/Issues/2022/03/14/The-... The published paper proposes a comprehensive Strategy to strengthen IMF support to FCS in accordance with the Fund’s mandate and comparative...
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  6. Russia-Ukraine: Global Exposures

    Here, https://data.capitaleconomics.com/lfqnbec/russia-ukraine-global-exposures , you can can find an interactive guide to global economic and financial exposure to Russia and Ukraine. You will find information in graphics about trade dependency, energy dependency, Financial and Investment Risks,...
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