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New training on Debt management capacity and debt sustainability in Low-Income Countries

The first session will take place on 16th January 2019 in Brussels (9:00 – 17:00).

In recent years, developing countries, in the context of their huge investment needs, took on more and more debt to fill the gap caused by recent low commodity prices and low demand for their export products. Many of those countries, helped by low international interest rates, have moved away from concessional loans to market conditions. The current account deficits are substantial and exchange rate risk is usually high in countries dependent on export commodities for revenue and foreign exchange. These create vulnerabilities, coupled with higher debt stock, can easily lead to unsustainable debt dynamics.

Against this background, a better understanding of debt dynamics and debt assessments becomes crucial for staff working with countries exposed to debt risk.



Assess debt management capacities, understand the Debt Sustainability Analysis, understand the impact of the debt level on macro-policies.


The agenda of this one-day training will be:

  • New trends and challenges in public debt management in developing countries, and the EU financial support;
  • Assessing the debt management capacities of the countries (understanding of the DeMPA methodology for designing debt management reforms and conducting external audit activities);
  • The new IMF/WB lowincome countries Debt Sustainability Framerwork.

The course format includes presentations and hands-on case studies with discussions on operational application.


Course instructions: This training will take place in DEVCO premises in Brussels. It is dedicated to DEVCO staff - in Delegations and HQ - dealing with the EIP / blending / Macroeconomic analysis (including for Budget Support), and especially persons working in Low-Income Countries or who will work in a LIC or MLIC in the short term (the IMF DSF applies to LICs).

The one-day training on debt is scheduled back-to-back with a 2-day training on

"Macro II: Fiscal analysis for development projects, budget support and debt sustainability".

If you are interested, please register on EU LEARN.




This is a welcome development.

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3 December 2018

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