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LoCAL Climate Adaptive Living Facility

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The Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility (LoCAL) helps local government governments in developing and least developed countries access the climate finance, capacity building and technical support they need to respond and adapt to climate change. A standard, internationally recognized mechanism designed and hosted by the UN Capital Development Fund, LoCAL promotes climate change–resilient communities and local economies. The LoCAL Board is made up of participating LoCAL countries, who collectively set and approve the LoCAL strategy at annual meetings. LoCAL demonstrates the potential of locally led climate adaptation for developing and least developed countries (LDCs). LoCAL is primary donor is the EU, through the GCCA+, EU delegations and EU Member States.

LoCAL Works



Lightning Shed

Lightning sheds provide a refuge as deadly storms increase in Bangladesh

During the monsoon season, intense periods of lashing rains and storming skies ensure that the seasonal wetlands or haor region of north-eastern Bangladesh are flooded to become vast bodies of freshwater. Then, the region becomes a magnet for wildlife and local farming communities looking to boost meagre incomes by fishing. But as global temperatures rise and thunderstorms become more frequent in this part of Asia, the broad water expanses are increasingly a death trap that exposes fishers and their families to frequent and deadly lightning strikes.

Funded by the European Union

LoCAL in Mali

Over US$100M mobilised for Locally Led Adaptation, with commitment to grow to meet increasing country demand

The Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility, LoCAL has mobilised US $100 million for locally led climate change adaptation action, already benefitting more than 11 million people in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries, with the bulk of those funds have come from the European Union.

Rainwater harvesting Bangladesh

Rainwater harvesting in Bangladesh: Building resilience, saving lives

Villagers in Manikkhali, Bangladesh, are harnessing monsoon rains to provide their communities with clean and affordable drinking water. It’s just one of many schemes funded through the Local Climate Adaptive Living facility that is delivering results and enabling communities to build their climate change resilience.