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Inaugurating Knowledge@Terra Interviews: Understanding Water-Soil Conservation Practices and Spatial Management Measures in Shandong 开启地域知识访谈:初探山东的水土保持实践和空间管理措施

(updated 22.12.2019 更新于2019.12.22) In vast information systems for global sustainable development, many regional green developments and actions over climate, land, soil and water are still under-discovered, from most advanced and suitable technologies to nature-cultural heritage territorial...
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A Multi-Functional Agro-Forestry System in South China (Lin'an and surrounding regions) 一个多重功效的中国南方农林系统 (临安与周围地区)

[Territorial Solution Collection: Sustainable Agro-Forestry Practices, Climate Actions and Carbon Neutral Issues 地域解决方案集:可持续农林实践、气候行动和碳中和问题】 Image source: Asian-Pacific Model Forestry Network, Baisha Village Administration 图片来源:亚太示范林网络,白沙村政府 The world of Agro-Forestry knows the oldest local and...
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Multi-Functional Forestry and Agroforestry (Valencia & Mediterranean Forests) 多重功效的森林和农林系统 (瓦伦西亚和地中海森林)

[Solution Collection: Sustainable Spatial Development, Climate Actions and Carbon Neutral Issues] 【解决方案集:可持续空间发展,气候行动与碳中和问题】 [Case Study Collection] Sustainable Land-Soil Management, Eco Farming and Food Security 【研究案例集:可持续土地土壤管理、生态农业和粮食安全】 Forestry research north of Valencia City. Source:...
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A Special Request for A Wetland-Water Purification System 关于一个湿地净水系统的特殊请求

19 Aug
Organised by A governmental water department and a national research institute in China 在中国的一个地方水利部门和一个国家研究机构
In the last decades, constructed wetlands have been developed and used in various technical designs. They use natural purification processes involving wetland vegetation, soils and microbial assemblages in shallow waters. Circulation of water bodies also supports water quality restoration and...
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“Climate for Youth” (online/offline seminar)

28 Sep
Shanghai, China
Organised by Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai, in collaboration with Tongji university Shanghai
On September 28th Milan will host the COP26 initiative “Youth4Climate: driving ambition”. On the same 28th in Shanghai we planned to host the “Climate for Youth” online/offline seminar. After the dramatic discontinuity generated by Covid-19, a new paradigm for development becomes more and more...
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Webinar - A Multi-Actor Dialogue: Bamboo Sectoral Development for a Green Circular Economy in West Africa

03 Mar
Kumasi, Ghana
Organised by International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR) | Natureherit DC (NATUREHERIT)
The webinar is free to attend. Please click here to register. Bamboo-based land restoration, agro-forestry, industrial products and applications are increasingly recognized as underestimated green deals and circular economies. Africa has the largest tropical footprint among the continents, which...
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Over K@T DISCUSSIONS 关于地域知识讨论

K@T DISCUSSIONS is an updating, dynamic collection of scientific messages to bridge gaps for crucial Territorial Knowledge, Solutions by Scientific Practitioners. If you have any suggestions to express, please comment below or send us a notice. Please receive sincere thanks from Knowledge@Terra...
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