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Webinar - A Multi-Actor Dialogue: Bamboo Sectoral Development for a Green Circular Economy in West Africa


The webinar is free to attend. Please click here to register.


Bamboo-based land restoration, agro-forestry, industrial products and applications are increasingly recognized as underestimated green deals and circular economies. Africa has the largest tropical footprint among the continents, which covers 13.3% of the global bamboo resources according to the 2020 Forest Resources Assessment (FRA 2020). However, only 1% of global bamboo export trade and 2% of imports were recorded, according to the International Bamboo and Rattan Trade Overview 2019. There are true opportunities to meet the bamboo-based green-circular economy in Africa.

This webinar is an initiative of the INBAR West Africa Regional Office (WARO). It will focus on the sustainable bamboo-based value-chains, quality bamboo products and a thriving bamboo market supporting economic transition in West African countries. To deal with this crucial and complex topic, INBAR works with Natureherit DC to develop a multi-actor dialogue that accentuates needs and mobilizes investment readiness to develop bamboo related sectors.

Six speakers in- and outside of West Africa are invited from government, international organisation, financial institution, local entrepreneurship and bamboo society. With a roundtable dialogue, they will share different knowhow and insights over bamboo sectoral development status, green investment-finance approaches and integration of models. The webinar shall also involve a set of interesting and relevant interviewees to reflect on related aspects, achieving the multi-actor setting. Besides, INBAR and Natureherit shall publish an observation note that compares the “3R of Bamboo and Rattan” (Restore, Replace, Revitalize) in West Africa with other regions.

You are very welcomed to join us! - Please check the attached webinar flyers or announcement for time schedule, speakers and topics. 


Invited speakers:

  • Prof. Foday M. Jaward, Hon. Minister of the Environment, Sierra Leone

  • Mr. Ernest Nti Acheampong, INBAR West Africa Regional Office Representative, Project Manager for Inter-Africa Bamboo Development Programme

  • Ms Marigold Adu, Executive Director for Business Development of Global Bamboo Products Limited, Ghana
  • Mr. Iwan Meister, Advisor of Dutch Development Bank (FMO), The Netherlands
  • Mr. Yunfei Mei, Vice President of Zhejiang Anji Rural Commercial Bank (AJRCB), China
  • Mr. Luc Boeraeve, President of the American Bamboo Society, Secretary of Belgian Bamboo Society, Belgium


Moderated by

  • Ms. Wei Jin, Global Capacity Building Manager, International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR)
  • Ms. Xiaoying Liu, Chief Spatial Planner and Territorial Development Strategist of Natureherit DC, Spatial Planning Advisor for regional spatial plans in China, Expert member of Sino-EU Panel on Land & Soil (SEPLS) in the Netherlands and China



Thursday, 3 March 2022
11:30-13:40 GMT+0 Accra
12:30-14:40 GMT+1 Amsterdam
14:30-16:40 GMT+3 Nairobi
17:00-19:10 GMT+5:30 New Delhi
19:30-21:40 GMT+8 Beijing
06:30-08:40 GMT-5 Quito



English (live) | English-Chinese (brief reporting)



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