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Christos Marazopoulos posted Information 19 February 2019

The report shows that EU Joint Programming has been recognised as a tool for bringing together political & cooperation spheres, as well as involving other key actors (humanitarian, security, peacebuilding, stabilisation) in common planning processes.

Christos Marazopoulos posted Information 8 February 2019

The Global Workshop on Joint Programming offered a unique opportunity for discussions and exchange of experiences on how the EU can work better together with the EU Member States at a country level.

Christos Marazopoulos uploaded a new Document 8 February 2019

This is the report of the Global Learning Event on Joint Programming that includes the following sections:

Christos Marazopoulos posted Information 23 January 2019

A global overview of the state of play of joint programming (January 2019)

Valeria Pintus uploaded a new Document 30 November 2018

How to spend €89.2 billion: Early developments in international cooperation programming

Christos Marazopoulos posted Information 31 October 2018

European Development Partners in Cambodia as well as DEVCO/EEAS will organise a global learning event on Joint Programming in December 2018 hosted by the EU Delegation to Cambodia. The training and learning event will take place 4-6 December 2018 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Christos Marazopoulos posted Information 20 July 2018

We are delighted to share with you the new Joint Programming Guidance - a collection of good practices from around the world, offering examples and templates and addressing issues that are frequently raised by EU and EU Member States field staff when engaging in Joint Programming.

Christos Marazopoulos uploaded a new Document 20 July 2018

New Joint Programming Guidance issued for EU Delegations, but is a useful guide for all European colleagues working in the field for the EU and the EU Member States.

It is available in French and Spanish too.


Christos Marazopoulos posted Information 14 June 2018

Video interviews with staff from the EU Delegation and the resident Member States in Cambodia about the European Development Cooperation Strategy 2014-2018 and their experiences of the new cooperation model to-date.


Christos Marazopoulos posted Information 11 June 2018

Based on the 2017 evaluation of Joint Programming, an article has been published that shows how development effectiveness and "one voice" Europe in development and external action can be achieved with EU Joint Programming.