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  1. Christian Leffler on Joint Programming

    Christian Leffler, Deputy Secretary General at European External Action Service discusses Joint Programming, its value in global development cooperation for partners, the European Union and Member States. This article is part of the JP Newsletter no.1 - see table of contents
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  2. Togo: Joint Programming Agreement Signed

    The Ambassadors of the EU, France and Germany join hands with the Togolese Minister of Finance The European Union and EU Member States France and Germany have together signed a Joint Programming agreement that is set to deliver 715 million euros of development funds to the West African nation of...
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  3. Evaluation of EU Joint Programming is published

    The evaluation of the EU Joint Programming experience during the period 2011-2015 has been successfully completed and published. The overall assessment is that Joint Programming has proven to be a very valuable tool for the EU and Member States to join forces and develop a coordinated response to...
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