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Training on aid data & transparency - using aid data at country level

24 March 2017,
14:30 to 17:30

Interactive session focused on aid data and DEVCO data.

The training will cover: DEVCO commitments on aid transparency; progress to date and future plans.  It will examine Commission and MS data which is currently in the public domain, explaining what is available where and what it can be used for, covering OECD & International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) data. The session would also introduce the DEVCO transparency tool, EU Aid Explorer.

The course is aimed at staff working in EU Delegations and Headquarters, in particular those responsible for inputting data into EC systems (CRIS, ABAC, BPC, etc) as well as those staff providing data for partner country use.  Managers should also be covered by this training, so that they are aware of the potential for IATI data use and can direct their staff and work programmes accordingly.
It is also open, according to availability of seats (i.e. on a 2nd priority), for HQ to colleagues from the "Relex family" (ECHO, TRADE, FPI, ECFIN, EEAS and IPA staff working in HQ) and for Member States staff.

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