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Lino Molteni posted Information 22 March 2017

The Heads of Mission reports from the Fall 2016 are now linked on the country page:

Lino Molteni posted Information 13 February 2017

This table summarises 65 reports from the field (47 Heads of Mission reports or EU Delegation reports validated by Heads of Mission) received between July and November 2016 (reports are linked in the 

Lino Molteni posted Information 13 October 2016

The EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova together with the EU Member States presented the Joint Analysis Paper to the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

Lino Molteni posted Information 28 September 2016

The first "European Joint Indicative Programming Document for Lao People's Democratic Republic- 2016-2020" was approved in June 2016. This is a breakthrough development that makes the most of the potential of Joint Programming.

Alexander ORIORDAN posted Information 23 September 2016

Dear Joint Programming Friends and Colleagues,

Lino Molteni posted Information 13 September 2016

In this first Annual Monitoring Report of the European Development Cooperation Strategy 2014-2018, European partners take stock of progress made in 2014-2015 in the areas where European partners provide support to Cambodia’s development agenda.

Margherita Sofia Zambelli posted Information 20 July 2016

The new Gender Action Plan for 2016-20 (GAP II) establishes gender analysis as mandatory for all new actions ( GAP II and GAP Guidance Note in Annex).

Lino Molteni posted Information 15 July 2016

Joint Programming as a vehicle for meeting & achieving the SDGs

Sarah Simpson posted Information 13 July 2016