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Updates from the field - state of play of Joint Programming by country and step (2017)

This table summarises 65 reports from the field (47 Heads of Mission reports or EU Delegation reports validated by Heads of Mission) received between July and November 2016 (reports are linked in the country page - limited access due to confidentiality).

The reports show that overall 56 countries are engaged in Joint Programming with different approaches and stages of progress. 

Comparing with the situation in November 2015, 20 new countries are engaging or re-engaging in the early steps of Joint Programming (feasibility/scoping studies, donor mapping exercises, roadmaps) and are also very diverse in terms of geography and Member States and other development partners' presence. Many are fragile or crisis countries such as Afghanistan, CAR, Guinea Conakry and Libya, or affected by crises in their Neighbourhood such as Jordan.

Between 2015 and 2016, 4 new countries have agreed a Roadmap bringing the total of countries with roadmap to 14, 6 partner countries have carried out joint analysis bringing the total to 26 and 4 have adopted joint response strategies, bringing the total to 20 of draft or adopted strategies. Among these last 20 with joint strategies, 11 have a joint monitoring/results framework and 7 have entered into the second cycle of Joint Programming. (click on the image to enlarge it)


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Lino Molteni
13 February 2017

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