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What is the purpose of this Intra-ACP APP group?

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Minielle Tall20 May 2014

Do you want to contribute to food security in your region?

Are you worried about the lack of information and awareness on specific agricultural issues for your region?

Would you like to make a difference in policy making?

Are you ready to contribute to generate economic growth and reduce poverty in your region?

Here is an opportunity to learn and exchange on innovative agricultural practices. The Intra-ACP Agricultural Policy Programme will contribute to policy incentives for smallholders by increasing production and productivity of selected commercial products using new technologies in communication and in farming in the Caribbean and Pacific regions. This Programme plan to promote exchange of good practices, market strategies, and new policy implementation in order to contribute to the crucial development of the Pacific and Caribbean region within 2020.

Assuming that the two regions are facing similar perspectives from a trade, environmental and agricultural perspective, the ACP Secretariat and the European Commission have decided to unite efforts to increase the capabilities of agricultural organisations in the Caribbean and the Pacific.

 To do so, they would like to foster collaboration in order to exchange best practices (technical, economic and institutional expertise) between policy-makers, researchers, producers and various other stakeholders, to build stronger markets and reinforce effective policies.

 Through Agritourism fairs, Post-harvest capacity building and training activities, online debates and workshops on its four priorities, the Intra-ACP APP aims to give Small islands economies a wider exposure to international initiatives and programs.

 We believe in agriculture’s potential role in economic growth and poverty alleviation. Policy-makers and political leaders can contribute to the overall objective and the enhancement of regional (Caribbean and Pacific) and interregional capabilities of agricultural sectors in eradicating poverty.


Producers in the Caribbean and Pacific face similar challenges. Both regions are impacted by  climate change, natural disasters, high food import bills, small internal markets and reliance on a few export commodities. 

The overall objective is to contribute to strengthening food and nutritional security, increasing economic growth, reducing poverty and preserving environmental health.

The Intra-ACP APP addresses four key  areas:

-       Policy

-       Markets linkages

-       Research & Development, and Climate change

-       Knowledge management & communication.

 Aimed at facilitating access to relevant information and knowledge and exchange of experiences and best practices between the two regions in the areas of agricultural policies, value chains and improved technologies and practices.  It also intends to contribute to policy incentives by increasing production and productivity of selected commercial products using adapted technologies.

 This program encourages Caribbean and Pacific agricultural researchers, technicians, farmers and decision-makers to take full advantage of the immense potential offered by ICTs for exchange of information and knowledge. Exchanges between the two regions address past and recent experiences, as well as on-going processes and emerging issues, thus getting additional insights into issues and practices that enable them to better address challenges and opportunities in the agricultural sphere.

 Stakeholders arebetter equipped to undertake analysis of policy issues and processes and recommend  informed policy options (Policy analysts and advisors in Government Ministries, regional bodies, think tanks, policy networks, advocacy groups and farmers’ associations and networks). Secondly ,theyare exposed to the lessons and experience of the other region with a possibility to adapt and use them in their own countries and region. Thirdly, they improve the relevance of their work and develop sound evidence for policy-making purposes. Representatives of small farmers, processors and traders are better prepared to influence regional policy agendas and engage themselves actively in national and regional policy debates and process.

 Moreover, women and the youth’s capacities are strengthened to express their views and needs, make policy related proposals, engage with policy processes, influence policy agenda.

Learn more about this project here.

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