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The Intra-ACP APP E-newsletter. 

February 2015 issue.


Your bi-monthly report on Intra-ACP APP activities.

Dear readers,
This newsletter aims at informing all Agricultural Policy Programme  (APP) implementing partners and donors about the recent activities held in the past two months at global and regional levels.

Learn more about the Intra-ACP APP through its online platform hosted on Capacity4dev or via its website

“APP's main objective is to increase the capability of agricultural development organisations and address the development needs of smallholder farmers by assisting them to adopt new technologies, build on traditional knowledge and strengthen linkages to markets.” statement from Mrs. Fekita 'Utoikamanu, SPC deputy director-general

Global Highlights

Intra-ACP APP global activities in previous months.

Unraveling Intra-ACP APP brochure site.

In December 2014, the Intra-ACP APP has unraveled its brochure website that will serve as a gateway for all online information about the APP project. Through a simple layering of texts and pictures, this brochure site provides basic elements pertaining to the programme missions and objectives. It also allows visitors to access both Pacific and Caribbean components' websites, thanks to direct links made available on the menu bar (far right position).  

This brochure site has been presented to all Project Management Unit (PMU) as an in-between- option to boost visibility and offer a cohesive image for the project, internally referred to as 3-3-1 : 3 regions / 3 components / 1 project.

The brochure site will be running until April 2015. It will then be replaced by a web-based knowledge sharing platform aiming to facilitate sharing of resources and experiences between regions and pivotal institutions.

Please visit Intra-ACP APP brochure website at :

Intra-ACP APP CTA's component releases its first year narrative report. 

The Financing Agreement No. REG/FED/022-744 Chapter 3 subtitle 3.3 states on the subject of reporting that "Technical and financial reports will be submitted annually to the steering committee. Narrative and Financial reports will also be submitted to the Commission with each request for further replenishment”.

To comply to this requirement, CTA has recently submitted its first year Narrative and Financial report summarizing activities and financial figures for the 2013/2014 year of activity.

This financial report is an important component of the project as it gives a general overview of the financial expenditure on each activity undertaken under the project. It has indeed helped the project parties and implementing partners in making decisions. But also in monitoring if the money spent has made an impact. The Narrative report also presents in details different activities undertaken during the year, for er each component/chapter of the project. 

To get a copy of this report, please contact 

Intra-ACP APP Visual Kit : Get your copy !

As all PMU's have agreed to promote a cohesive image of the APP project, a common symbol and visual identity kit were designed in November 2014 to reflect this unity. In order to make sure that the common symbol is being used accordingly by your region, please ask for the Brand-identity guidelines . You shall receive a copy of this reference document, by emailing us at:

Regional Highlights

Intra-ACP APP regional activities in previous months.

PAPP Inception Meeting 
Photo credit: SPC.

On December 3–4  2014, the Pacific Agriculture Policy Programme (PAPP) held its inception meeting in Nadi (Fidji). Deputy Director of the SPC Land Resources Division, Mr Sairusi Bulai said in his welcome remarks that "PAPP is the Pacific facility for the Intra-ACP Agriculture Policy Programme (APP) in partnership with the European Union and two other partners – a Caribbean linkage through the Inter-American Institute of Agriculture (IICA) and the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development (CTA) – providing overall coordination".  The Secretariat of the Pacific Community is implementing the PAPP programme. 

The targeted objective is to enhance the regional and interregional (Caribbean and Pacific) capabilities of agricultural sectors in eradicating poverty. 

A goal of PAPP is to promote forums for the technical exchange of scientific information as learning opportunities to address the development needs of smallholder agriculture. Other support is aimed at strengthening capacity in policy development and improving access to markets. 

Read full article here 

Agribusiness Forum in Grenada.

On November 16-18, in Grenada, Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development (CTA), in collaboration with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) organised a Regional Caribbean Briefing on “Enhancing regional trade and adding value to Caribbean agrifood products“.

"50 specialists from the various islands of the Caribbean  agreed that the relationship between agribusiness and tourism is one of the most promising ways to diversify and grow the agricultural sector in the Caribbean".

In the format of an Agribusiness Forum, this Briefing - built upon previous work of IICA and CTA - has help to shape strong recommendations.  The Agribusiness Forum highlighted successes in strengthening links between agriculture and tourism industries.

For further information on this activity, please .

Intra-ACP APP PowerPoint template:

You can now customize your Intra-ACP APP PowerPoint presentations. To get your template, please send us a request at

"Conditions for agriculture production are in many ways comparable in the Caribbean and in the Pacific. Both regions face similar challenges from climate change, natural disasters, high food prices, small internal markets, reliability on a few export commodities, etc. The countries in the Pacific and Caribbean are, with few exceptions, identified and described by the UN as small island developing states (SIDS)."
statement from Mr Sairusi Bulai, Deputy Director of the SPC Land Resources Division.

Juan Cheaz -  Senior Programme Coordinator at CTA - making an address at the Agribusiness Forum in Grenada.

For more pictures of this activity, please visit Brussels Briefings Flickr album here.

February 2015
Value Chain Training for farmers (organised by SPC with PIFON)  in the Pacific

March 2015
Agribusiness conference (organised by CARICOM ) in the Bahamas)
Youth and Gender Forum (organised by IICA with CANROP) in the Caribbean

April 2015
Intra-ACP APP Steering Committee (in Brussels)

Linking Samoan farmers to tourism sector.

A one-day workshop was organised in Apia (Samoa) to strengthen the link between agriculture and the tourism industry.  Facilitated by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) in collaboration with national partners Samoa MAF and the Samoa Farmers Association (SFS), this initiative aims to bring farmers closer to competitive markets.

 A major achievement of the workshop was the space given to farmers to draw up a calendar of what they can produce, in what quantities, and what prices they would like to sell at. 

Strengthening links between smallholders and competitive markets is an objective of the European Union-funded Pacific Agriculture and Policy Programme (PAPP).   

Read full article here  

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Your bi-monthly report on Intra-ACP APP activities.

Dear readers,
This newsletter aims at informing all Agricultural Policy Programme  (APP) implementing partners and donors about the recent activities held in the past two months at global and regional levels.

Learn more about the Intra-ACP APP through its online platform hosted on Capacity4dev

“The opportunity for cooperation between Caribbean and Pacific countries is an example of how South-South partnerships can produce mutual benefits.” statement from Michael Hailu, CTA Director.

Global Highlights

Intra-ACP APP global activities in the past months.

Special Brussels Briefings on SIDS : Building resilience of Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) through trade and agribusiness development.

2014 being the “International year of Small Island Developing State”, a Special Brussels Briefing happened on 11th July 2014 to address issues related to vulnerabilities and opportunities for ACP small island economies. 

Private sector Forum on the eve of the 3rd International Conference on Small Islands Developing States (SIDS)

On August 30 and 31 in Apia (Samoa), the Intra-ACP APP organised a High Level Dialogue gathered Political leaders, business leaders and other stakeholders to share experiences and consider the creation of a SIDS Global Business Network. 

Learn more about this event through

Intra-ACP Team Leader/KM Officers meeting

In early September, CTA welcomed Intra-ACP APP Programme Managment Unit (PMUs) for a two days planning meeting. CTA technical staff from PMI and KMC were part of the two day meeting. This is the first time since the project inception that such a meeting is organized to take stock of activities planned and implemented in both region.

During the two day event many “aspects” of the project were discussed with the partners. CTA- Intra-ACP Agricultural Policy Programme (APP) Team organized this workshop at CTA HQ where Team Leaders and Knowledge Management officers from both Caribbean and Pacific representing IICA and SPC attended in person and via Skype.

To get a copy of this meeting report, please contact: .

Regional Highlights

Intra-ACP APP regional activities in the past months.

SPC and Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network agreement signed 

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community has signed a partnership agreement with the Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network to address poverty alleviation through the promotion of agricultural livelihoods. 

Read the full article here

Implementing partners working groups at CWA 2014

From October 6-12, in Paramaribo (Suriname), during the 13th edition of the Caribbean Week of Agriculture (CWA), a working group exercise comprising Policy Market and ICTs (PMI) and Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) teams, together with representatives from each region’s Programme Management Units (PMU) was held.

The overall planning of the working group was divided into two specific set of tasks. More information on this activity can be found within the Technical meeting report that will be soon made available.

For further information, please contact: .

Trade-show at the 13th Caribbean Week of Agriculture (Photo credit : S.Vilvilfare for CTA)
« Through the support CTA provided under the Intra-ACP Agricultural Policy Programme, an EU funded programme, the exchange between the Caribbean and Pacific was made possible. The programme provides the mechanisms for more exchange between our two regions” statement from Hon. Minister Davil Tosul
Trade-show at the 13th Caribbean Week of Agriculture (Photo credit : S.Vilvilfare for CTA)

South-South  cooperation : Honorable Minister of Agriculture from Vanuatu visiting CWA thanks to Intra-ACP APP.

Vanuatu’s Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fischeries and Biodiversity, Mr David Tosul Butulso met with his Suriname counterpart, Honorable Minister Soeresh Algoe during a bilateral meeting held in October, in Paramaribo (Suriname), in the presence of M. Hailu, Director of CTA. 

Both ministers shared experiences and challenges facing their agricultural sector and agreed to work together on areas of common needs.

Minister Tosul told his counterpart that the Pacific region has much to share with the Caribbean, just like the Caribbean has a lot to share with them.

Both regions could capitalize on sharing knowledge and experiences. 

Read full article here  

17 November 2014

Agribusiness Forum in Grenada

1-3 December 2014

PAPP Inception Meeting in Fiji

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