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APP-in-Brief #2: Reaching out to Women and Youth

"Typically, women and youth tend to be ‘lumped’ as a stakeholder or beneficiary group in interventions for agriculture, enterprise building and rural development. There is a small, but growing appreciation that this strategy is not the best or even second best to addressing the specific development needs of women and youth along the agriculture value chain."

The second issue of the APP-in-Brief focuses on APP actions that need and are needed by Youth and Women as a basis for effectively implementing the APP. 

"The onus is on us, the APP partners, collaborators and stakeholders themselves, to ensure that we choose the right track, that we stay on the right track and that our actions go directly to the root of the needs of small producers and ntrepreneurs!"

The APP-in-Brief is our flagship periodical for the ins and outs of the APP Caribbean Action.

For the full version of the APP Newsletter please consult attached document.

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Brent Theophile
2 June 2014

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