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Join the #VisualizeChange challenge

The WHS is sponsoring a data visualization challenge: "Thousands of people worldwide have shared their ideas to reduce human loss and suffering from crisis. Can you help visualize these ideas?"

For more information:

Winners will be invted to present their work at the Global Consultation in Geneva in October 2015.

You are invited to submit your visualizations by August 30th!(And to spread the word about this challenge widely!)

From the competition website:
"We challenge you to: ... develop an original and thought provoking illustration of information collected through the [WHS] consultation process. The consultation data sets provided are by no means final or exhaustive but a comprehensive snapshot of an ongoing and dynamic consultation process to date."

The data sets that can be used include the WHS "Master Data Collection" as well as:

  1. HDX Common Humanitarian Dataset
  2. Reliefweb
  3. World Bank data catalog
  4. DevInitiatives
  5. Human Development Index (HDI)
  6. UNSD Statistical Databases
  7. MY World: the United Nations global survey for a better world

WHS #VisualizeChange ChallengeWHS #VisualizeChange Challenge

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5 August 2015

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