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#InformalTalks Webinar 2: How to tackle the informal economy?

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Pierre Berman16 July 2018

#InformalTalks Webinar

The second #InformalTalks webinar "How to tackle the informal economy? Key policies and approaches" was held on July 26. Here is the recording:

The objective of the webinar was to present major orientations of policies designed to tackle (support or eliminate) the informal economy, with special reference to the key actors in the field. The discussion focused:

  • on the main interventions used in the framework of policies targeting the informal economy (taxing the informal activities, upgrading the informal activities within the value chain, and organising the populations dependent on the informal economy)
  • on the analysis of the main technical pillars underpinning the policies (social protection, technical and vocational training (TVET), and finance).

The webinar was facilitated by Mr. Paolo Carlini, RNSF Team Leader, with two presentations of Mr. Jacques Charmes, Director of research emeritus, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), University Paris Descartes and RNSF Research Expert, and of Mr. Alessandro Batazzi (DEVCO – Unit B3 Employment, Social Inclusion, Migration). It was structured through the 3 following questions: 

  • What are the key approaches to the Informal Economy?
  • What are the key interventions used in policies targeting the informal economy?
  • What are the main pillars of policies designed to tackle the informal economy?

You can find below the materials used or mentioned during the webinar.

We look forward to your feedback and questions. Feel free to use the comment section and the Discussion blog of the IESF Group!


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