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10. RNSF Book on Organizing informal workers

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Pierre Berman9 October 2018

You will find soon on this page a book in Spanish addressing the issue of organizing and mobilizing informal workers (title not defined yet), which was drafted during the Regional Workshop held in Peru last December. The book is a collective effort of academics, public officers, regional experts, and civil society organisations to discuss about the characteristics, opportunities and challenges of informal workers organisation.

This workshop was organised as part of the ambition of the RNSF to improve knowledge on ways to enhance the livelihoods of people in the informal economy through a better organisation of informal workers, aiming at strengthening the access to financing, extending their social protection, and make their rights recognised by public authorities and other stakeholders.

The workshop involved researchers, regional experts, public institutions, EU Delegations as well as CSOs implementing project funded by the EU Thematic Programme “Investing in People” in Latin America.

Here below, two video in Spanish introducing the situation of the Informal Economy in Latin America and the ILO’s Recommendation n.204 on the transition from the Informal to the Formal Economy, presented by Claudia Ortiz, ILO:

Paolo Carlini (RNSF Team Leader) and Claudia Ortiz (ILO) on Informal Economy in Latin America

Claudia Ortiz (ILO) on ILO recommendation 204


Stay tuned for the coming publication of the book!

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