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Pierre Berman uploaded a new Document 31 December 2018

Presentation of Prof Jacques Charmes on Good Practices on the Informal Economy

#InformalTals webinar 5:

Pierre Berman posted Information 31 October 2018

Thanks to all participants of the #InformalTalks RNSF webinar on "Organizing and Mobilizing Informal Workers" which took place yesterday!

Pierre Berman uploaded a new Document 31 October 2018

Presentation by Jacques Charmes, RNSF Research Expert

made during the 4th webinar on Organizing Informal Workers

Pierre Berman posted Information 11 October 2018

Here is the 12th edition of RNSF newsletter!

Thanks to Oxfam Italia for their contribution.

Here is the content:

From6 December 2018
Organised byRNSF project

Informal economy webinar series #InformalTalks

Pierre Berman posted Information 17 July 2018

Dear Members of the IESF Group,

Pierre Berman created a new WIKI page 29 May 2018

Informal economy webinar series #InformalTalks