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#InformalTalks Webinar – 6 December: Good practices on the informal economy

06 Dec
Organised by RNSF project
The fifth #InformalTalks webinar " Good practices on the informal economy - Good practices and recommendations extracted from projects funded by the EU programme Investing in people " will be held on 6 December 2018 at 11 am CET . To register, click on the following links: RNSF #InformalTalks...
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Second #InformalTalks webinar special guest: Alessandro Batazzi

As the second #InformalTalks webinar on “How to tackle the Informal Economy? Key policies and approaches” is approaching, the RNSF team introduces Mr. Alessandro Batazzi, who will be one of the panelists of the webinar on Thursday 26 th of July at 11am (CET) . Alessandro Batazzi is an expert in the...
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WIEGO Law School on Administrative Law

Last Februrary, the RNSF team focused on an innovative initiative developed by WIEGO , aiming at supporting informal workers toward a further formalization and recognition of their activities: the “WIEGO’s Law Programme and its Organization and Representation Programme (ORP)”. Launched in 2017 the...
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#InformalTalks: Great 1st webinar last Friday, next one on July 26!

The first webinar of the #InformalTalks series dedicated to the definition of the informal economy was held last Friday. All our thanks to the participants who followed the webinar and asked numerous questions as well as the facilitator Paolo Carlini and the panellists Jacques Charmes and Donatella...
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Youth and Informal Economy: Special Focus on Youth Empowerment.

One of the biggest problem in our modern society is the lack of job opportunities for the entire population and specifically for young people. To have an idea of the magnitude of the issue we have just to think that youth are three times as likely as adults to be unemployed. According to the ILO,...
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New video on the IESF Workshop in Lima

In December 2017, the Research, Network & Support Facility (RNSF) organized a workshop in Lima, Peru. The aim of the workshop was to put together informal economy practitioners and specialist to elaborate a reflection and write a book on informal workers organization and mobilization. The...
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