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IESF WORKSHOP on Social Protection: 6-10 February 2017 in Nairobi

As announced in the September edition of the RNSF newsletter, the organisation of the Regional W orkshop on Social Protection from the Perspective of Informal Economy is under way! A page dedicated to this five-day workshop taking place from 6 to 10 February 2017 in Nairobi has just been created on...
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Social Safety Nets in 4 minutes (video of the RNSF team)

As previously announced, the RSNF team shares with you a new video interview with our Research expert Prof. Jacques Charmes on social safety nets, another key aspect of social protection. The theme of social protection was introduced earlier this week on the IESF Group. To watch the previous video...
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Social Protection Systems in 4 minutes (video of the RNSF team)

In this video interview with Prof. Jacques Charmes, our RNSF Research expert, you have a brief introduction to Social Protection. Jacques highlights the importance of social protection mechanisms for people depending on the Informal Economy and briefly analyses social security systems. Stay tuned,...
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Apprentissage Informel Protecteur Axé Sur Les Droits Des Enfants Save The Children 2016

Le présent rapport est préparé dans un souci d’alimenter globalement la réflexion autour de l’amélioration des pratiques qui offrent meilleures conditions pour protéger les droits des filles et garçons en situation d’apprentissage informel et de capitaliser spécifiquement l’initiative pilote menée...
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SPEAKERS' CORNER: Safety net vs Universal coverage?

When it comes to social protection in the informal economy, the pros and cons of the approaches of safety net and universal coverage often lead to an intense debate. What is it the situation in your country? Safety net vs universal coverage? What is the debate in your country? Are they exclusive or...
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Career guidance: new Thematic Brief available!

Challenges of career guidance Career guidance is key for the successful labour market inclusion of the youth. Numerous instruments exist to help youth and career guidance professionals, as the international expert in the field of vocational training Eric Huby explains in this thematic brief about...
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