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Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation toolkit - Local Livelihoods - (2009)

This brief document provides an outline and explanation of the way Results-Based management can be integrated into approaches to monitoring and evaluation. Results-Based managements, of course, being a management strategy by which all actors, contributing directly or indirectly to achieving a set...
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[Part 1] Value Chain Development for Decent Work - ILO - (2009)

[NOTE: This document is too large to upload at once, so it has been split into three parts.] In his peer review of this document, Tilman Altenburg of the German Development Institute had this to say: "This is a very comprehensive guide for value chain practitioners. With its focus on decent work,...
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Handbook on Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluating for Development Results - UNDP - (2009)

This is a guide put out by the United Nations Development Program, with the aim of setting guidelines for that organization and its partners in creating good policies for the planning, monitoring, and evaluating portions of their projects. The handbook first provides the reader with a basic...
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Is Latin America retreating from individual retirement accounts - Center for Retirement Research-CRR 2009

This brief reviews the two rounds of pension reforms to determine whether Latin American countries are moving away from individual pensions. Even though this region is quite heterogeneous, its labor markets and social security systems share some common features, such as a large informal economy and...
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