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7. Regional Workshop on Social Protection (Kenya, 6-10 February 2017)

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Pierre Berman21 December 2016

A five-day workshop on Social Protection from the Perspective of Informal Economy was organised by the Research, Network & Support Facility (RNSF) on 6-10 February 2017 in Naivasha, Kenya.

The aim of the workshop was to answer the question: "How could we use social protection mechanisms as a tool for promoting social inclusion of people dependent on the informal economy?".

It focused on three key dimensions:

  1. Legal and Institutional frameworks;
  2. Access to Social Protection for Informal Workers;
  3. Community based systems

The workshop involved researchers, regional experts, public institutions, EU Delegations as well as CSOs implementing project funded by the EU Thematic Programme “Investing in People” in East Africa.

Using the innovative “Write Workshop” methodology developed by the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, they shared and reviewed their experiences to produce a book containing recommendations, innovative ideas and approaches on Social Protection from the perspective of the Informal Economy and titled Extending coverage: Social protection and the informal economy (available on download for free). 

Here is a short video presenting the process, the outcome and the next steps of the workshop through the interviews of Paul Mundy, editor of the book, and Paolo Carlini, RNSF Team Leader:


Here are two 4-minuteintroductory videos of Prof Jacques Charmes, RNSF Research Expert:

  • on social protection:


  • On social safty nets:


If you want more information, please contact RNSF Team Leader Paolo Carlini (


Thank you Pierre. It was a great Workshop with excellent inputs !

Thank you Anoop!

It was a very intense and fruitful workshop indeed! The RNSF Team is very grateful to all the participants for their commitment and the pleasant spirit of cooperation.

There will be more in the coming days on this page about the outcome of the workshop!

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