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6. Thematic Briefs

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Francesco Barilli13 July 2015



The RNSF published the following Thematic Briefs between July 15 2015 and July 15, 2016. Additional briefs may also be added to this list:

  1. Transition from the informal to the formal economy (En, Es, Fr)
  2. Micro-finance (En, Es, Fr)
  3. Social Inclusion of Youth (En, Es, Fr)
  4. Social Protection (En, Es, Fr)
  5. Apprenticeship (En, Es, Fr)
  6. Theory of change (En, Es, Fr)
  7. Advocacy and the informal sector (En, EsFr)
  8. Micro-credit (En, Fra, Es)
  9. Results-Based Management (En, Fr, Es)
  10. Monitoring (En, Es, Fr)
  11. Career guidance in the informal economy in Africa (EnEsFr)
  12. Traditional learning within informal economy in Africa (En, EsFr)
  13. Entrepreneurship Development (En, Es, Fr)
  14. Informal economy and gender (En, Es, Fr)
  15. Informal economy and migration (En, Es, Fr)

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