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Traore Oumarou (Save the Children)

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Vittorio Giorgetti10 February 2016

Name: Traore Oumarou

Age: 12

Project Sector: Children Protection \ Tailoring

Implementing Partner: Save the Children

Location: Korhogo

Project: link

Traore Oumarou is a young 12 year old who now lives in the centre of the socio-professional NGO Lomana ANAED in Korhogo where he is registered as an apprentice in the tailoring section.

Oumarou had left the home where he lived with his biological parents in Sorohouleni Mali, a neighbouring town located between the cities of Pogo and Zégoua. Son of farmers who have only a small income, Oumarou did not attend school. He participated in fieldwork with his parents but had the desire to discover another world in the quest for a better life. With a friend, he travelled to the localities of Sorohouleni, Chekourani (Mali) before a driver agreed to take them in their adventure to Ivory Coast. Forced to pay money at every step along the road, the driver nevertheless decides to abandon the children halfway. Thus he abandoned them at the Regional Delegation of the Malian consulate in Korhogo without any identification documents.

Given these facts the National Child Welfare Association for Aid to Children in Danger (ANAED) then conducted a successful search to trace his family in Mali. By following the story of his situation in detail, it became apparent that his elder biological brother lives in Korhogo in Ivory Coast. Oumarou wanted to live with his big brother and the rest of his family in Korhogo and continue his trade.

Traore Amidou, Oumarou’s older brother said, "I thought he was lost long ago because I did not see him for a long time. I thank ANAED for that and all their partners as they allowed me to find my little brother today. "

Oumarou, is naturally shy and speaks with great reserve. His primary focus is on football. He wants to become a fashion designer in the future and carry out his work in Ivory Coast.

"Now I am happy, I want to stay with my brother and do tailoring."

Cross-border migration has become a global problem, and risks associated with this phenomenon particularly affect children and young people fleeing wars, famine and family problems in West Africa.

Children and young workers often have to do work beyond their physical ability. Children's rights are regularly violated and basic support structures are insufficient.

To provide a solution to this problem, Save the Children and its implementing partners have initiated the Regional Project to Support Children and Young Migrants that aims to promote social cohesion through improved livelihoods of children and young migrant workers along the borders of Mali, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast through their sustainable integration in the labour market and coordinated access to basic social services.”

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