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Rosa Lopez Perez (FAUTAPO)

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Vittorio Giorgetti4 November 2015
Name: Rosa Lopez Perez

Project sector: production and selling of agricultural products

Implementing Partner: FAUTAPO

Location: Bolivia

Project: link

Mrs. Rosa Lopez Perez, 51 years old, is a beneficiary of the project "Production with Education, an alternative for Decent Work in Social Inclusion" run by FAUTAPO Foundation. Rosa Lopez belongs to the food category: she uses to sell “rellenos” in the morning, while, for the rest of the day, she is engaged with the preparation of “salsichas con papas y pollo frito” (sausages with potatoes and fried chicken) directly sold on a provisional market stall half a block from her house.

Rosa started her activity along with her mother and sister. She got married with the purpose to start a new life, but unfortunately her husband became alcohol addicted, and could no longer support financially the family. This is the reason for which Rosa had to resume her business. She started selling “rellenos”, but it was not enough to provide for her children. So, she began selling “salchichas con papas” in the evening. Initially, she used to fry in a small burner within her kitchen. Then, in order to diversify her production and to make her food more appealing, she decided to buy a small mobile food cart (“carrito de comida rápida”), where she uses to serve “pollo frito”.

Rosa manages to provide for her entire large family (four sons: two boys and two girls), with a particular attention to the younger ones who are still going to school. Her husband has been officially marked as “indigent person” during the last census. He is now living on the street.

Rosa does not have any kind of instruction, since she attended only two years of primary school, and performing calculations remains quite hard for her. She does not belong to any of the market associations of the area, and that’s why she is not allowed to have a well-defined spot to sell her products. Sometimes, the other vendors don’t permit her to carry out her activity, and Rosa is forced to ambulate with her mobile food cart where there are no competitors.

The house where she lives is too small for such a big family. She only occupies a single room that is divided from the other bedrooms by curtains. In the second area of the house there are the kitchen and the dining room, where she uses to spend the biggest part of her time by preparing “rellenos, pollo y salchichas con papas”. However, the frying is done in her food cart. Approximately she has an income of 80 \ 130 Euros per month. Her best clients are the students from Kennedy college.

Through the project’s intervention, it is expected that Rosa could differentiate and manage her accounts in a better way, clearly separating the household economy, on the one hand, and her business on the other one. In addition, it is important to teach her the basic rules of hygiene and food safety throughout the food preparation, as well as to make her comprehend some of the selling techniques, in order to improve her competitive conditions. The overall project does expect to strengthen her productive and selling ability, by giving proper conditions and appearance both to her market stall and to herself, through the accomplishment of hygienic minimum standards.

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