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Francesco Barilli10 May 2015


Place of the action: India


Title of the project in the original language: Securing  rights  and  sustainable  livelihoods  through  collective  action and  education  for  people  dependent  on  the  informal  economy  in  India

Applicant: ActionAidAssociation

Total duration of the action: 48 months

Objective of the action: The  overall  aim  of  the  action  is  to  secure  sustainable  livelihoods  and  protect the  social  and  economic  rights  of  vulnerable  people  dependent  on  informal  economy  in  32  cities  and 18  districts  in  15  states  of  India. The specific objective  is  to  secure  sustainable  livelihoods and  protect  the  social  and economic  rights  of  vulnerable people  dependent  on  informal economy  in  14  states  of  India. Therefore, marginalised  people  in  rural  and urban  areas  dependent  on  the informal  economy  are  empowered to  access  social  protection  and decent  work


Beneficiaries:  100,000  marginalised  people  in  rural  and  urban  areas  dependent  on  informal economy. 


Expected results:

R1:  Marginalised  people dependent  on  informal  economy have  increased  awareness  of  and better  access  to  their  socio-economic  rights  and  entitlements relating  to  decent  work

R2:  People  dependent  on informal  economy,  particularly women  and  youth  have  the  skills and  capacity  to  access  a  wider range  of  livelihoods  through  skills building  and  vocational  training

R3: Creation  of  knowledge base  and  information  sharing platform  to  train  civil  society  actors working  with  PIEs - people depending on the informal economy-  and  government officials  for  two-way  linkages between  grassroots  work  and policy  level  knowledge

Contact person:

Video of the project:






On R2: How people dependent on informal economy are provided with Skills Training ? Action Aid is directly providing skills training or through some other arrangements? What type of Skills and assessment and certification is done for the informal economy dependent people? Thanks in advance !

Dear Anoop,

Heard about you from Mei.

In the skill development component, ActionAid is providng training in the follwoing two ways:

1. Through our implementing partners in the field, and

2. Through external training provider which can also be linked to our partners. 

The skills set range from Women Taxi Driver's trianing, Bee Keeping, House Keeping, Masonary, Helath Hygiene/Cooking/CR to Stree Vendors, Sewing Machine Operators, Sozni work to Home Based Women Workers, Security Guard, Pharmacist to Beauty & Wellness. And they are certified by the Sector Skill Council of NSDC, State Govt. Certification and Foundation certificates. 

 Would like to learn about your work too. Thanks

Thanks Sushant for the information ! I just wanted to know if Action Aid is directly providing training or through recognised training providers. It seems it is a combination of both and hence certificates are of three types. The foundational certificates must be for those where training is of very short duration and must be meant to enhanace the existing livelihood buisnesses of the informal economy workers.

I am mostly into research, evaluation and capacity development activities in the labour and employment, TVET and informal economy sector.

Thanks again for your information.

Yes Anoop, it's a combination of both. But what do you mean when you say that certificates are of three types?

Hi Sushant

You had mentioned in your post the following:

(a) trainees are certified by Sector Skill Council of NSDC, State Govt. Certification and Foundation certificates and (b) trainings are conducted by both Action Aid and External Training Providers - either NSDC-SSC or State Government.

We all know that state government in India are mostly implementing centrally sponsored schemes which issue either SSC certificates  or NCVT-MES certificates. In some cases even now too, the training prviders issue their own instiution certiciate. If we include action-aid trainings, then I assume that these trainings will be failry short duration (1 week to 1month or even less)  to the informal economy workers and hence action-aid may be issuing its own certificates.

Taking into account above i shared earlier that certification are of three types - SSC, NCVT and Action -Aid or Training Instutues self-certifcation.

May please calrify if I am wrong.

True Anoop, but  a trianing for a informal workers' child would be for a longer duraiton.

Thank you.

Glad to see this detailed exchange, Anoop and ActionAid India!

Anoop, I have just arrived in Delhi and will ask the ActionAid staff to respond to you. In any case, I will be blogging on their activities as I spend the next week with them. Sorry you are not in Delhi so that we could also meet in person. Hopefully another time. 

Mei I am in Delhi since last week. I had sent you a mail. I am here till 16th of March.

Glad we were able to meet, Anoop.

Thank you Mei for your time. I am glad too to meet you and understand the wonderful work that you are doing in India and as lead speciliast of IESF.

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