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3. The Projects

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Alessio Lupi5 May 2015

IESF is supporting the 17 projects financed by the restricted Call for Proposals EuropeAid/135181/C/ACT/Multi under the Thematic Programme "Investing in People": "Empowerment for better livelihoods, including skills development and vocational education and training, for marginalised and vulnerable persons and people dependent on the informal economy". In the following sub pages you can find the sheets of the project.



Nice how you can click on the map and get it clearly in a large size

can we have the list already displayed on the left not to have to choose from the map

Hello Michael,

If you click on the arrow, they will show up

oh thank you, it was not working with me earlier

Interesting, I did not know that either. I did not see the arrow but saw the icon for "list" and when I clicked on that I saw it.  41304

Also, please note that if you press the little square icon you can get the map on a separate page. That will make it much bigger and you can zoom in more easily and also see the names of the projects in a bigger format.

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