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Social protection in informal economy Book: NGO's perspectives with Mupenzi Ejid, AJPRODHO–JIJUKIRWA

The book Extending coverage: Social protection and the informal economy drafted during the RNSF Regional Workshop held last February in Kenya involved a mixed group of researchers, regional experts, members of civil society organizations, and public officers.

Several members of NGOs took part to this initiative, such as Mupenzi Ejid who works as program manager at AJPRODHO-JIJUKIRWA. The Youth Association for Human Rights Promotion and Development (AJPRODHO–JIJUKIRWA) is a non-profit youth organization working to improve the rights of youth and children in Rwanda through human rights promotion, protection, research, advocacy, economic empowerment and civil society strengthening.

AJPRODHO-JIJUKIRWA currently implements the EU funded project “Youth  Employability in the Informal Sector” in Rwanda in partnership with YWCA RWANDA and CARE Österreich. It aims at contributing to reduce the poverty of youth (16-30 years) depending on the informal sector in Rwanda by  increasing  their  technical,  financial  and  entrepreneurial  skills, ensuring access to information and financial and business services, facilitating them to unite in Voluntary Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs), cooperatives and trade unions, and enabling them to take steps towards the regularization or formalization of their activities.

During the writeshop, Mupenzi contributed to the elaboration of the fourth chapter on community-based support providing various input coming from the “Youth Employability in the Informal Sector” project experience. For more details, you can find this best practice in the book (p.139).

Here are his impressions on the workshop experience:

Mupenzi Ejid

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Pierre Berman
28 July 2017

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