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Entrepreneurship and TVET in Informal economy: Plan Uk supports youth empowerment in Tanzania.

Youth employment is a core problematic both in most advanced and developing countries; and governments, local and international organization agree in making it a priority in their policies and strategies. The latest interview on capacity4dev of the Minister of the newly established Ministry of Young People’s Affairs in Côte d’Ivoire highlighted this global trend.  

Youth empowerment, skills development and entrepreneurship are thereby at the spotlight of a wide range of development strategies, and are recognized tools to promote youth development, create jobs and reduce poverty.

Within the framework of the informal economy, vocational education and entrepreneurship training represent two powerful tools to support individuals development, professionalization and enterprise formalisation and recognition.

Plan International UK and VSO, in collaboration with local partners, is implementing an EU funded project in Tanzania since 2015, aiming at improving, increasing access to employment opportunities and promoting economic empowerment for vulnerable youth dependent on informal sector in Tanzania.

The project, which targets 9,100 marginalised youth, gave them the opportunity to acquire technical skills and develop their own business through vocational and entrepreneurship training, which enable them to earn money and develop sustainable income sources. In the following paragraphs, we present some success stories of some of the YEE beneficiaries.

Kuruthum, 21 years old, is a beneficiary of this project. After being informed by the Chairman of her local ward, she followed a free training on technical and entrepreneurship skills in the tailoring field. Kuruthum also joined a YEE Youth Savings and Loans Association (YSLA) and an Income Generation Associaton (IGA) group, which give her the opportunity to get a loan for furnishing her tailoring workshop project.  This integrated support to entrepreneurship enabled her to launch her activity, and today Kruthum runs her own workshop near her home, repairing and creating clothes that she sells. This activity enables her to earn a monthly income of 50,000TZS and she is planning to expand it.

Supported by the same project, Hassani Dadi Hassani, 24 and Mohamedi Saidi Lidimba, 18, are also two active member of the YSLA and IGA groups. Both joined the Ndumbwe Masonry Group of Mtwara Municipality, one of the most successful groups of the project composed of 9 graduated youth and 11 current trainees, where they received a specific training in masonry techniques and worked with the master crafter who paid them 10,000 Tshs each every day, a market rate for qualified technicians. Today, Hassani and Mohamedi are using acquired skills from the project to get building tenders that give them income and get them out of poverty and informality.


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Pierre Berman
31 January 2018

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