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Seminar on nutrition 19-21 March 2018 "The EC APN – Ensuring Quality Implementation"

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Farah Abou Merhi6 February 2018

Image : Burundi, Rumonge, 13/12/2010 - A farmer woman consulting with an instructor in a Farmer Field School garden - Source : FAO/Giulio Napolitano

The European Commission is organising a seminar on Nutrition entitled  “The EU Action Plan on Nutrition: Ensuring Quality Implementation” and which will take place from 19 to 21 March 2018 in Brussels.

The purpose of the Seminar is to create space for learning and exchange between EUDs working in partner countries and key external and internal stakeholders, on how to embed nutrition as a critical determinant of a country's human and social development.

Through this platform, we are going to share with the participants key documents on specific topics of the Seminar and hope that it will create dynamic discussions on the topic.

Devco C1 - Nutrition sector


Dear Colleagues;

  • Are we doing enough to translate the European Commission commitments for nutrition into successful interventions?
  • What are our success stories?
  • Could we be more effective and efficient?
  • What do we need to improve the decision-making process related to commitments for nutrition-specific/sensitive actions?

Let's mature our thoughts and consolidate them all together on the 19-21/03!

All the best;


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