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5 April 2016 to 6 April 2016
in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
Organised byBureau of the Africa‐EU High-Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation

This forum [1] will discuss the implementation of the Africa‐EU Research
and Innovation Partnership on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable
Agriculture. It is being organised by the Bureau of the Africa‐EU
High-Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation, in
collaboration with a group of Africa‐EU projects and initiatives which
support this policy dialogue.

In 2014 the HLPD Bureau commissioned a group of African and European experts
to prepare input to a roadmap towards this Africa‐EU R&I partnership. The
completed roadmap will be submitted to senior officials for endorsement.


13 April 2016 to 15 April 2016
in Paris (France)
Organised byFood Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA)

The RPCA is currently this meeting which will bring together the region’s
main food and nutrition security stakeholders. The meeting will also host a
session of the Senior Experts Group of the Global Alliance for Resilience –
Sahel and West Africa (SEG-AGIR [1]). Focal points in charge of the
resilience pillars of Sahel strategies will participate in the debate. Draft
Agenda [2]


* Validate the results of the 2015-16 agro-sylvo-pastoral campaign and make
* Review the National Resilience Priorities (*NRPs [3]*) process and
progress made in their implementation
* Brainstorm on how to strengthen synergy, convergence and
complementarities of resilience initiatives (*AGIR Declaration [4]*).

A restricted group of RPCA Members will already gather on 13 April 2016 to
examine further ways of strengthening the visibility, effectiveness and
impact of the Network. Concerned participants will receive a specific
invitation for this event. For all other participants, the RPCA event will
start on 14 April 2016. 


Lia Beyeler posted Information 4 February 2016
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This Poverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network (PEGNet) Policy Brief, published in November 2015 by the Kiel Institute for World Economy, Germany, argues for a particul

Sarah Cummings posted Information 4 December 2015

On 2 December 2015, the EU announced a contribution of €125 million to finance emergency actions in countries affected by the extreme weather phenomenon ‘El Niño’ in Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America. The support, €119 million of which comes from the European Development Fund reser

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A l’heure où les dirigeants du monde entier se retrouvent à Paris pour la COP21, ce numéro (N°51) de ROSA News s’attache à metre en evidence les interrelations entre sécurité alimentaire, agriculture durable et changement climatique.

Sarah Cummings posted Information 18 November 2015

This Human Rights Watch report, published on 15 October 2015, finds that climate change, in combination with existing poli

Sarah Cummings posted Information 18 November 2015

Published in The Guardian newspaper on 16 November 2015, this article reports on the EU-funded