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Farah Abou Merhi uploaded a new Document 29 November 2018

There will be no sustainable inclusive growth without tackling undernutrition. Recognising that undernutrition poses a major global challenge the EU quickly reacted:

Helene Quentrec uploaded a new Document 26 October 2018

To complete the series on Using food reserves to improve food and nutrition security? the purpose of this Infor

Farah Abou Merhi created a new WIKI page 26 March 2018

Nutrition Seminar: The European Commission's Action Plan on Nutrition – Ensuring Quality Implementation, 19th-21st of March 2018

Farah Abou Merhi created a new WIKI page 15 March 2018

Dear all,

Monday’s start to the EC’s Seminar on The EC Nutrition Action Plan – Ensuring Quality Implementation is fast approaching!

Sarah Cummings created a new WIKI page 12 April 2017

Fighting undernutrition and stunting refers to the promotion of more nutritious food,

Giorgia MEI posted Information 3 November 2016

Produced by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and published in October 2016, the 2016 Global Hunger Index (GHI)