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Farah Abou Merhi created a new WIKI page 15 March 2018

Dear all,

Monday’s start to the EC’s Seminar on The EC Nutrition Action Plan – Ensuring Quality Implementation is fast approaching!

Sarah Cummings created a new WIKI page 12 April 2017

Fighting undernutrition and stunting refers to the promotion of more nutritious food,

Sarah Cummings posted Information 17 March 2017

Published on 17 March 2017, the Capacity4Dev article

Sarah Cummings posted Information 9 March 2017

Recently published on the Europa website, the new story reviews the EcoPesca project in in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador

From20 March 2017
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byCTA, BMZ/GIZ, the ACP Secretariat, the European Commission (DG DEVCO) and Concord

The next Brussels Development Briefing no. 48 on “*Strengthening rural livelihoods in the face of rapid urbanisation in Africa*” will take place on20th March 2017from 14:00 to 18:00, at the ACP Secretariat in Brussels, Belgium. This Briefing will be co-organised by CTA, BMZ/GIZ, the ACP Secretariat, the European Commission (DG DEVCO) and Concord . More info: [1] REGISTRATION: [2] [1] [2]

Lebo Mofolo posted Information 8 March 2017

Le prochain Briefing de Bruxelles sur le Développement numéro 48 sur le thème de « Renforcer les moyens de subsistance en milieu rural face à l’urbanisation rapide en Afrique » se tiendra le lundi 20 mars 2

Sarah Cummings uploaded a new Document 14 February 2017

This newletter is the second e-newsletter produced by ROSA.

Sarah Cummings posted Information 13 February 2017

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