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Groups, networks and portals (work in progress)

Groups on Capacity4dev

There are many other groups on Capacity4dev which are relevant to ROSA’s thematic areas. Some of these are public groups while others are only accessible to staff of the EC and EUDs. Most of these focus on a specific theme or region. These include:

EU livestock strategy in the Horn of Africa – EC/EEAS group

Building resilience of small island economies – public group
To improve information sharing and promote networking, CTA, the DG DEVCO, the ACP Secretariat and Concord organized a Brussels Briefing on this topic in April 2012 and a regional briefing in Mauritius. As follow up to these meetings, this group was developed and an online knowledge platform aimed at exchanging experience and best practices on key priority themes for small island economies along the concepts of common and differentiated vulnerabilities and resilience. 

EU resilience building in Ethiopia – public group
This group aims to support and strengthen the articulation and coordination of Humanitarian and Development Aid of the EU to Ethiopia (ECHO-DEVCO-EEAS) for the common goal of building resilience to drought and other shocks in some of the most vulnerable areas of Ethiopia.

South Sudan Rural Development Group – public group
This group is initiated within the framework of on-going EU support to agricultural sector development and the enhancement of food and nutrition security in South Sudan, which has three principal components (actions):

  • The Food Security Thematic Programme (FSTP / PRO-ACT); 
  • The South Sudan Rural Development Programme (SORUDEV); 
  • The Zonal Effort for Agricultural Transformation – Bahr-el-Ghazal Agricultural Development (ZEAT-BEAD)

Intra-ACP Agricultural Policy Programme – public group
The Intra-ACP Agricultural Policy Programme aims to contribute to policy incentives for smallholders by increasing production and productivity of selected commercial products using new technologies in communication and in farming in the Caribbean and Pacific regions. This Programme plan to promote exchange of good practices, market strategies, and new policy implementation in order to contribute to the crucial development of the Pacific and Caribbean region within 2020.


There are a large number of relevant networks worldwide. These include:

Food Security Information Network – FAO, WFP and IFPRI, funded by the EC
The Food Security Information Network (FSIN) is a global initiative to strengthen food and nutrition security information systems for producing reliable and accurate data to guide analysis and decision-making. FSIN serves as a neutral technical platform for exchanging expertise, knowledge and best practices, developing harmonized methods and tools, and facilitating capacity development on food and nutrition security measurement and analysis.

International Food Security Network – ActionAid and partners, funded by the EC
International Food Security Network (IFSN) works in partnership with 1,100+ civil society organisations in more than 30 countries across 5 continents to strengthen national and regional food security and sovereignty networks and to ensure the right to food in southern countries.

Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition – FAO
The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) is an online platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue on food security and nutrition facilitated by FAO’s Agricultural Development Economics Division (ESA). The FSN Forum allows registered members and other stakeholders to engage in policy dialogue and knowledge sharing on food security and nutrition both globally and in targeted geographic areas.

Information portals

Relevant portals and websites include:

Global Donor Platform for Rural Development
The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development is a network of 38 bilateral and multilateral donors, international financing institutions, intergovernmental organisations and development agencies. Members share a common vision that agriculture and rural development is central to poverty reduction, and a conviction that sustainable and efficient development requires a coordinated global approach. The Platform was created in 2003 to increase and improve the quality of development assistance in agriculture, rural development and food security.

Food security portal – IFPRI, funded by the EC
The Food Security Portal aims to provide improved food security for the world's poor and increased resilience of global food systems against food and financial crises. The project brings together international, regional, and country-level data, news, and research aimed at meeting countries' immediate food security needs, as well as building long-term global food security. The open-access project encompasses a global research-based monitoring and capacity-strengthening device for successful identification and implementation of the appropriate policy actions in response to food crises. The Food Security Portal is designed to pool information in structured ways and ensure data quality, timeliness, and relevance, as well as the opportunity for collaboration among policymakers, development professionals, and researchers.

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