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The Atlantic Ocean Tropical tuna Tagging Programme (AOTTP): sustainable management of Atlantic tropical tuna

19 June 2017,
12:30 to 14:00

The EU funded Atlantic Ocean Tropical Tuna Tagging Programme (AOTTP) aims at spreading the use of management measures which contribute to sustainable fishing, economic growth and food security in coastal developing countries. AOTTP is a scientific programme using marker-capture data to better understand the biology of the three most important tropical tuna species in the Atlantic: bigeye, skipjack, and yellow fin and to use this knowledge to better manage this precious natural resource.

This Lunchtime Conference at the External InfoPoint of DG International Cooperation and Development will present the progress of AOTTP and the future workplan and will explain awareness raising and capacity building activities.


• Leonard MIZZI, Head of Unit, DEVCO C1- Rural Development, Food Security, Nutrition
• Anders JESSEN, Head of unit MARE B2- Regional Fisheries

Management Organisations
• Driss MESKI, Executive Secretary, ICCAT

• Doug BEARE, AOTTP Coordinator


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DEVCO, Unit C1- Rural Development, Food Security, Nutrition; Unit MARE B2- Regional Fisheries Management Organisations; AOTTP

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External Cooperation Infopoint (Belgium)