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Regulation establishing a facility for rapid response to soaring food prices in developing countries

In order to provide a response to the effects of the 2008 food crisis, a Regulation establishing the so called "Food Facility" was adopted by the European Parliament and the Council in December 2008. This new instrument provides for € 1 billion funding. Operating over a 3-year period from 2009-2011, the fund will bridge the gap between emergency aid and medium to long-term development aid.

Its chief objectives are to:

  • Encourage food producers to increase supply;
  • Deal directly with the effects of volatile food prices on local populations;
  • Increase food production capacity and improve the way agriculture is managed in the longer term.

Supporting measures that are eligible for implementation are:

  • Measures to improve access to agricultural inputs and services including fertilizers and seeds – with special attention to local facilities and availability;
  • Safety-net measures to maintain or increase agricultural production capacity and help meet the basic food needs of the most vulnerable populations, including children;
  • Other small-scale production-boosting measures based on countries’ individual needs – microcredit, investment, equipment, infrastructure and storage – and vocational training and support for agricultural professionals.

European Commission - December 2008

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