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Framework for the EC food-aid policy and food-aid management and special operations in support of food security - 1996

This Regulation establishes the framework for the European Community's food-aid policy and management and food-aid operations. As of 1 January 2007 these rules have been replaced by the Regulation establishing a financing instrument for development cooperation. The policy set out in this Regulation aims, in particular, to combat poverty and ensure close coordination between the Member States and the Community as well as with other international organisations. The Regulation identifies three main types of aid:

  • food aid, where operations are mainly short-term.,
  • operations in support of food security, which include long-term operations designed to ensure sustainable food security.,
  • operations to improve early warning systems and storage programmes.

The main operations financed are technical in nature and aim to improve the capacities of the recipient countries, including:

  • the supply of seeds, tools and other inputs essential to the production of food crops.,
  • schemes to supply the population with drinking water.,
  • storage schemes at the appropriate level.,
  • measures in support of the private sector for commercial development at national, regional and international level.,
  • schemes to support local food-aid structures, training, etc.

 Council of the EU - June 1996

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