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Food Security Thematic Programme (FSTP) 2007-2010

The objective of the Food Security Thematic Programme (FSTP) is to improve food security through a set of actions which ensure overall coherence, complementarity and continuity of EU interventions, including in the area of transition from relief to development as well as in particularly fragile situations. The FSTP addresses food security at global, continental and regional levels, complements the geographical programmes and comes to the fore where geographical instruments cannot fully operate.
Six strategic priorities were defined for the period 2007-2010:

  • Priority 1: Supporting research, innovation and information distribution in matters relating to food security, with a special focus on supporting the enhancement of capacities and scientific and technological cooperation
  • Priority 2: Linking information and decision making in order to enhance response strategies
  • Priority 3: Using the potential of continental and regional approaches (support to regional initiatives in Asia and Latin America, as well as continental/regional priorities set out in a new partnership with the African Union)
  • Priority 4: Responding to food insecurity in exceptional transition situations as well as in fragile and bankrupt states
  • Priority 5: Promoting innovative approaches
  • Priority 6: Encouraging the advancement of the food security programme, and its harmonisation and alignment with development partners, civil society and donors.¬†

 European Commission - 2007

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