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Food security information systems supported by Save The Children UK. A review

This document presents a review of the experience of Save the Children UK in supporting food security information systems (FSIS) since the early 1970s. This organization has contributed to the development and adoption of the household economy approach (HEA) and its integration into national information systems. This review is based largely on a number of case-study documents compiled by Save the Children UK practitioners. These deal with FSIS in South Sudan, Darfur, Somalia, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Southern Africa. Two other source documents provide an overview of Save the Children UK’s experiences of secondment of its staff to strengthen FSIS and a synthesis of donors' views on FSIS. The main conclusions and recommendations concern the following points: (i) household economy assessment and other methodologies as a tool in FSIS (ii) factors that influence the use of FSIS information by decision-makers (iii) sustainability of FSIS (iv) linking FSIS with longer-term poverty monitoring and analysis (v) co-ordination of information systems (vi) decentralization of information systems (vii) donor views and practice with regard to FSIS.

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23 January 2013

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