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Food facility auction floor booklet. Food security projects

The food facility was put in place to help developing countries to cope with worsening food insecurity caused by rising food prices and the economic crisis. A Call for Proposals was launched in 2009. Its primary objectives were to: 

  • Encourage a positive response from the agricultural sector in target countries and regions., 
  • Support activities to respond rapidly and directly to mitigate the negative effects of volatile food prices on local populations in line with global food security objectives., 
  • Strengthen the productive capacities and the governance of the agricultural sector to enhance the sustainability of interventions.   

This call for proposals amounted to approximately 218 million, with 133 projects funded by the EU. Many proposals were not financed merely due to budget limitations.   

In this booklet and on the Auction Floor website, the EC presents the best of these project proposals as well as the projects funded by the EU under the Food Facility Call for Proposals. The objective of this booklet is to facilitate matches between investors and project developers. Interested investors and donors are free to contact the organisations for additional information on the projects, to discuss potential contributions and possibly adapt the projects to their needs.

European Commission

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Marie-Christine Lebret
25 January 2013

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