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The European Union and FAO partnership: partnering for sustainable rural development and global food and nutrition security

This 4 page brochure, published in March 2016, reviews EU and FAO cooperation with a strengthened focus on the shared goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. The main areas of cooperation are:

Global Governance for Food and nutrition security for sustainable and inclusive economic growth;

Agriculture combined with social protection and resilience-building as engine for employment and growth in rural areas, and a contribution to address the root causes of migration;

Climate-smart agriculture, forestry and fisheries for the sustainable management of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity;

Food safety and reduction of food waste in the context of a circular economy;

Agricultural research and innovation at the service of sustainable rural and agri-business development;

Statistical cooperation and information exchange for sound policies.

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Isabelle Denis
8 April 2016

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