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2008 External evaluation of Oportunidades. Ten years of interventions in rural areas (1997-2007)

The Human Development Programme Opportunidades in Mexico is a large scale initiative that provided incentives to low-income people for investing in the human capital of their children. This report presents a qualitative, quantitative, impact and process evaluation of the Programme, with a particular emphasis on the shortcomings and the results after 10 years of interventions and the gender and ethnic differences in the use of Oportunidades among beneficiaries. The report consists of 4 volumes, drafted by a multidisciplinary team of experts. Volume 1 and more significantly 2 directly address nutrition issues.

Volume I : Education and work-related results for young beneficiaries (education, nutrition, cognitive and scholastic development, analysis of risk behaviour)

Volume II : Health and nutrition (service quality, service use by beneficiaries and impact results)

Volume III : Quality of education services

Volume IV : Operations and process of the programme

 Secretariat of Social Development of Mexico - 2008

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