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Sarah Cummings posted Information 9 March 2017

Using the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook to 2024, this paper provides projections on the availability of calories at the national level, for the number of persons undernourished, and for the proportion of undernourishment (PoU) that are consistent with the market projections of the Outlook’s basel

Lia Beyeler posted Information 8 April 2016

Meeting of the Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA), Paris, 13-15 April 2016

Lia Beyeler posted Information 4 February 2016
Sarah Cummings posted Information 18 November 2015

Published in September 2015, this OECD Policy Note was prepared ahead of COP21 to provide decision makers with key highlights from OECD analyses on

Sarah Cummings posted Information 26 June 2015

This note, published by the OECD in 2015, considers how a target could be developed for policy coherence, including: the rationale for having a Sustinable Dev